Friday, September 21, 2012

Feeling The 60’s

One of the things that I love about spending time in an antique store is to listen to the folks strolling the isles, reminiscing about their younger years when finding something that jars their memory of days gone by.  Hearing them say things such as: “Grandma had these on her kitchen table” or “I remember these when I was a kid and I always wanted one but we could never afford it” or “Now this is something I’ve not seen in quite a long time” never fails to make me smile and wonder if I, at that moment, am in a segment of The Twilight Zone.
Walking through the store the other day allowed me to take a mental walk back to the 1960’s.  Though being a youngster during this era, there are many memories that are permanently etched in my mind.  Rocking horses on metal frames with bouncy springs that allowed the most awesome of horse rides – back and forth, back and forth for hours on end.  Red Radio Flyer wagon rides down the dusty dirt lane of my uncle’s dairy and weekends spent playing house with the metal dollhouse that was a Christmas gift one year.
P1010093 And if you were around in the 1960’s, you will remember “The Fab Four” – The Beatles.   Take me back to The Ed Sullivan Show and watching John, Paul, George and Ringo make their debut on TV.  From that point on, I was a fan – and in love with Ringo.  Why Ringo?  I don’t know why, but I was, and I was only five.  Go figure.  Perhaps if I’d been a bit older, I would have fawned over Paul.  Or George.  Or John.
P1010102 One Christmas my parents – no, I mean Santa - gifted my brother and I with new bikes.  I got a pink Schwinn with a cool banana seat and my brother got one that looked very similar to the one below.  From sun up till sun set, we rode the tires off of our new bikes.  Mom always would say, “Come home when the street lights turn on” and away we went, only coming home to catch a quick bologna sandwich, a peanut butter cookie and downing a glass of frosty cold milk. 
P1010103 No cell phones or internet to occupy our day…just good old child play time.  Those were the days, eh?
Groovy baby, just groovy!  Yea, those were the good ol’ days.  Makes me miss that simple time in life.

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