Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Is Gardening On Your Mind?


Tis the time of the year to spruce up the old homestead and garden!  Grab a stack of Garden Magazines from the book store for inspiration and then hit the stores to choose that perfect annual or perennial to plant.

Adding garden touches doesn’t stop with just the flower beds.  How about building a potting shed and add fun vintage items, such as old garden tools, clay pots, seed packets, garden signage, a collection of flower frogs, etc. for display in the shed?

The antique seed packet holder is a wonderful display piece to pay homage to days gone by when pieces like these were placed in the town’s Mercantile shop and held seed packets for sale.




When planting flowers in pots, think “outside the pot” (if you will) and use something other than a clay pot.  How about filling the SUGAR container with red geraniums?  Just drill a few holes in the bottom of the piece for drainage.



The vintage flower frog is not only fun to use as a display piece (or to actually use for a flower arrangement) – how about using it on your desk to hold pens and pencils?



Need a cute container for your potting soil?  How about this DIRT canister?

You can even corral your gardening tools in the old egg gathering basket.


These old wagons make a great planter for flowers.  You can rest already potted plants inside the wagon OR fill the wagon with some potting soil and plant flowers inside of it.  You can even move the wagon around in the garden for a bit of a change up, or to allow the flowers to have a reprieve from the scorching summer sun.


henry wagon

darren wagon


And when you are done having fun in the garden, how about grabbing an ice cold glass of Sweet Tea and playing a game of Croquet?



Be creative.

Be inspired.

Have fun!