Saturday, August 31, 2013

A HOT Time In August!!


Under blue skies and warm temps, we held our annual “Hot August Nights” Custom/Classic Car Show and outdoor flea market on August 3rd.  Live music played by the band “Vintage” (how appropriate!), Tri-Tip sandwiches cooked on the Barb-E, and plenty of wonderful vintage findings were available from a large host of vendors.  Customers casually strolled and shopped through our back parking lot as they mingled, nibbled on donuts and sipped hot Joe.  Across the street, custom cars lined up like toy soldiers..all shiny and stylin’ their decked out engines, wheels and interiors.  Ask anyone about their car and their face lights up with excitement.  So cool!





Sharon Navarro, shown below, is not only a vendor at our store, but she also coordinates the car show end of our event.  Many thanks to Sharon for her hard work, continued dedication and big smile! 



There were custom hot rods, vintage trucks, model T’s, and ‘50’s crusin’ style Chevys.  There were even a few “cherried” out newer cars.



photo[7] photo[7]




It was a fun day for all!  Thanks goes to everyone who made this event what it was.  Our next outdoor flea market is on Saturday, September 7th and the last one for the year, weather permitting, will be November 2nd.

See you on the 7th!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Shop As of Today

Lots of new stuff coming in each day!  Our vendors are doing an amazing job with merchandising their spaces and changing up their booths with new inventory.  With fall approaching, there will be a lot of new seasonal items coming in that the ladies will love to decorate their homes with.  With camera in hand, this is just some of the loveliness within our walls.










Hope to see you soon!