Friday, January 31, 2014

Accents For Your Home

AW 4 Jan

Available right now for sale is this sweet little pine desk and chair.  It would be perfect tucked into a corner for your lap top to sit on OR use in a bedroom as a vanity. 

Vintage linens fill many shelves in the shop and the pillow below was made using a piece of European embroidery.  We have many customers who buy linens for repurposing, however this one is already done for you.

AW 2 Jan

This funky and super cool blue metal chair

would look great in a child’s room or a retro home office.


AW 3 Jan 14

Below is a fabulous solid wood bookcase that could be used just about anywhere…

  • Home office for supplies
  • Kitchen for cookbooks
  • Bathroom for folded towels
  • A child’s room to hold books and toys

Well, you get the picture.


AW 7 Jan

Finally we have some RAIN!  Don’t let that stop you from stopping by for a cup of coffee and pastry.  And if you are here on Monday through Friday, be sure to stop by the Vintage Deli – located on Pirrone Road, right around the corner from the store.  The BEST sandwiches, hot soup and pastries!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pretty Things

Pretty ironstone dishes and restaurant dishes are tucked in here and there in the store.

AW 9 Jan


From colours of red, brown and teal blue….


AW 1 Jan

…ready to be selected for the perfect home or table accent.  Be sure to look on all of the shelving, high and low…



….because they are there – tucked in to cozy little corners and niches.