Thursday, August 23, 2012

Torquay Pottery

While walking through the store the other day, I realized that we have quite a variety of Torquay Pottery that is for sale in several of our dealer’s spaces.  Torquay (pronounced Tor-Key) pieces are so sweet and often have adorable images of farm houses, cottages, flowers and offer sweet sentimental sayings, or mottos.

P1010115  For more information about Torquay pieces, we have found some websites that offer valuable information as to the history of Torquay
and price ranges to expect to pay for these collectible pieces.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Old Signs, Gauges, Scales and Cabinets


Nowadays there’s a fun decorating movement that includes old metal objects being utilized in vignettes.  The more rust, the better!  Old wood cabinets house items that were once found out in dad’s garage, like this interesting old gauges.  Warm aged metal, interesting graphics and the element of surprise are what decorators and collectors are looking for.



Lily has the fabulous old wood tool chest in her space.  It would make a wonderful piece to store small collectibles.  Just prop open the door and display the “smalls” on the shelves inside.


Old signs are always a hit to add that extra pop of color – or conversation piece – to a home, garage or office space – such as some of Leslie’s large enameled signs.  The Orange Crush sign would be awesome in a kitchen or a game room. 




Antique mercantile cabinets are available in Leslie’s space. 



Just look at the graphics on the German Household Dyes cabinet. They just don’t make things like they use to!

Stop on to see what is new and wonderful this week!  Hope to see you soon!!!