Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elisabeth’s Doll Collections










If ever something old can take you on a trip down memory lane, it would be a toy doll or stuffed animal.  As children, most of us had a favorite stuffed toy or dolly that we took with us every where we went.  When customers walk into Elisabeth’s doll corner, there are comments that are often made about remembering such a doll or toy that are for sale inside a case, or two.


Elisabeth offers a variety of antique composition dolls, Story Book dolls, porcelain dolls, Steiff animals, and miniature doll furniture for sale.  On top of her cases are larger items – from antique doll strollers, children’s chairs and baby cribs.  She brings new items in weekly, so there is always something new to take a look at and purchase.


She also does doll restorations for customers who would like to bring back a loved piece to its original condition.  Elisabeth does amazing work and will schedule a consultation for those who would like to bring in their dolls for her to either look at for repair or give an appraisal on.  Her contact information is shown on her business card in the second photo.  There is even a private corner now in the store for Elisabeth to meet with customers and you will be surrounded by all of her amazing dolls that are offered for sale.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Haunting We Will Go….

…for some ghoulish and witching finds!  Where can you find some tricks and treats for the season?  At the Antique Warehouse is where!  From scary pictures, vintage Halloween collectibles, scented candles and holiday home adornments – you will be sure to find a treasure, or two, and all under one roof.
Jan and Dennis have an entire display case that is full of all things Halloween. 


One of our most popular Halloween items right now are these pictures that change from pretty….

…to darn right spooky, depending on the angle that you look at them.

Come on by for a “spooktacular” time and have the “pick of the patch” from our newest items.  Dealers bring new items in daily and they are filling their spaces with all sorts of haunting and harvest time finds.  Maybe some of the vintage items will remind you of the “ghoul times” of days gone by.
Don’t forget that our first Saturday of the month outdoor flea market will be on October 6th, from 8 AM till 3 PM.  Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Feeling The 60’s

One of the things that I love about spending time in an antique store is to listen to the folks strolling the isles, reminiscing about their younger years when finding something that jars their memory of days gone by.  Hearing them say things such as: “Grandma had these on her kitchen table” or “I remember these when I was a kid and I always wanted one but we could never afford it” or “Now this is something I’ve not seen in quite a long time” never fails to make me smile and wonder if I, at that moment, am in a segment of The Twilight Zone.
Walking through the store the other day allowed me to take a mental walk back to the 1960’s.  Though being a youngster during this era, there are many memories that are permanently etched in my mind.  Rocking horses on metal frames with bouncy springs that allowed the most awesome of horse rides – back and forth, back and forth for hours on end.  Red Radio Flyer wagon rides down the dusty dirt lane of my uncle’s dairy and weekends spent playing house with the metal dollhouse that was a Christmas gift one year.
P1010093 And if you were around in the 1960’s, you will remember “The Fab Four” – The Beatles.   Take me back to The Ed Sullivan Show and watching John, Paul, George and Ringo make their debut on TV.  From that point on, I was a fan – and in love with Ringo.  Why Ringo?  I don’t know why, but I was, and I was only five.  Go figure.  Perhaps if I’d been a bit older, I would have fawned over Paul.  Or George.  Or John.
P1010102 One Christmas my parents – no, I mean Santa - gifted my brother and I with new bikes.  I got a pink Schwinn with a cool banana seat and my brother got one that looked very similar to the one below.  From sun up till sun set, we rode the tires off of our new bikes.  Mom always would say, “Come home when the street lights turn on” and away we went, only coming home to catch a quick bologna sandwich, a peanut butter cookie and downing a glass of frosty cold milk. 
P1010103 No cell phones or internet to occupy our day…just good old child play time.  Those were the days, eh?
Groovy baby, just groovy!  Yea, those were the good ol’ days.  Makes me miss that simple time in life.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Not Only For Dad’s Garage….

..are these cool metal file drawers that are the perfect addition to any crafter’s studio.  Need a place for scrap booking pens and scissors?  How about using these for buttons, ribbons and sewing implements?  Simply add a label to the front of the drawer to identify the contents of the insides. 
These old tool drawers come in all shapes and sizes.  And they certainly hold up better than the plastic organizers that are available at any crafting chain store.
The orange box (above) is large enough to hold scrap papers or even use on a desk top for hiding those bills that we don’t want to look at each month.

Another “garage” find is the industrial cart below.  Industrial pieces are quite popular and are repurposed to be used as side tables, portable bars, coffee tables or small kitchen islands. 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Lot Of Movin’ And A Shakin’ Going On At The Warehouse!


This past week has been quite busy at the store as several of the dealers have relocated their spaces either to expand or decrease the size of their space.  J. Blackbird, Jenny and Andi’s space, has now moved from the north-east corner to an isle section (by the front counter) and further down the south-east section of the store. 




The section of the store (shown below) has been changed from glass cases to having Jeanette’s space next to Jenny and Andi’s.  The photo below is the “before” and…




….below is the “after”.  Quite a remarkable change and having these spaces along the isle has really opened up the store and is just lovely!




Here’s another glimpse of J. Blackbird’s pretty vignette’s and furniture for sale…






There a two wash stands in the shop at the moment and both have green tile back splashes.  The one below has a wonderful zinc top and is in terrific condition for its age.




 Becky has moved some of her items down the back isle and calls this her “rustic farmhouse” section – which will have plenty of galvanized, rusty metal and funky stuff for that farmhouse look.







Lily has moved her space just next to her former one.  This space had been Jeanette’s and is a bit larger than her previous spot.  Husband Dave is helping her out with the stuff up high.  (You go, Dave!)  Lily has a wonderful antique built in piece – you can see a bit of it to the right of Dave.  It’s a super cool piece with plenty of room for display and storage.  It won’t last long at the price she has on it.




Below is the second space of J. Blackbird.  There’s plenty of wonderful galvanized pieces, egg baskets and a wonderful small farmhouse table, as shown in the lower right corner.




Mason jars, linens, pretty dishes and linens fill up this vintage cabinet.




Cheryl H. (located on the south end of the first walkway) expanded her space a few feet and she brought in a bunch of new treasures to add to the already beautiful selection of antiques and collectables that are in her space.  Check out that fabulous green watering can on top of the hutch and ….



…the lovely blue cabinet below.




Thank you to all of our dealers for your continued hard work and dedication to making the store look wonderful. 

And thank you to all of our wonderful customers!  Stop on by to see the changes and let us know you read about it on our blog!  We’d love to hear from you.