Friday, April 4, 2014

First Of The Year Peddler’s Faire & Grand Opening Of Vintage Deli


It looks like we are “ON” for our first Peddler’s Parking Lot Sale on Saturday, April 5th!!!  In addition to our first sale, The Vintage Deli – which is just around the corner from the shop – is having their Grand Opening and will be serving lunch items.




Awesome soups and salads and a wide assortment of vintage style sandwiches to choose from.  Generous portions leaving you quite content, too.  Having had tasted several menu items myself, my personal favorite is the Turkey Pesto sandwich and the Grilled Chicken Salad.  Oh yum!!




Inside the Antique Warehouse, expect 10-25 percent off sales from most vendors. Just look for the bright orange SALE signs posted throughout.

We have recently expanded into a back building and there are an additional 15 vendors there.  Welcome to our new vendors!!!  Glad to have you here!!



child cabinet


retro table


Hope to see you bright and early.  The Peddler’s Sale hours are 8AM-3PM and the shop will be open during the parking lot sale and closing at our usual 6PM.

Fresh hot coffee and donuts are on the house!