Thursday, February 28, 2013

Victorian Glove and Collar Boxes



The Victorian Era was so beautiful and items were made with exquisite detail and beauty, like these antique celluloid collar and glove boxes that we have for sale at this time. 

Many have lovely romantic images of couples and pretty images of lovely women, often times adorned in fanciful ruffled clothing and hats.




The Victorian era would not be without the use of floral images, especially roses, being used a lot in their design.


The boxes have circular fabric covered moldings inside for women to store their starched lace collars.  These utilitarian pieces were not only beautiful, but functional as well. 



Below is a glove box with a beautiful Victorian couple on the front with a bit of an Asian influence with the embossed edging.





Because these boxes are over 100 yeas old, there will often times be cracking or wear on the outside, but when looking at these, keep in mind that they were used in day-to-day life. 



They look pretty in a display.  We have a few of these at the front desk but there are others in the store as well.



Remember, our outside parking lot sale with be this Saturday, March 2, from 8AM till 3PM.  Free donuts and coffee will be available inside the store for our customers. 

Looks like a nice weekend, too!  Hope to see you out there!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Many Changes Going On!


When you arrive to our store, you will notice the beautiful NEW awning that we just installed this week over the front door.  We will be sprucing up the outside with potted plants as well to help identify the entrance to the store. 


In back of the store we are expanding and adding a large area that will host furniture and other larger collectibles.  Cliff has his corner set up with a nice variety of Mid Century Modern pieces.  Other dealers will be setting up their spaces soon. 



P1010191  P1010192

We are also working on a DELI out in back of the store as well.  More about that soon.

Looks like the weather is getting better!  March 2nd will be our first outside Flea Market from 8 AM till 3 PM, weather permitting. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty Reds And Romantic Touches


Courtship and love, hearts and flowers, cherubs and cupid…all symbols of Valentine’s Day.  But do we really need a “day” to show how much we love someone and to shower them with jewelry, chocolates and a sparkling beverage?  I say not.  Why not have these touches around every single day of the year?

Beautiful glass candy containers can not only hold candy, but how about an abandoned bird’s nest or add some water to float a pink carnation in?


Fancy up your desk with a cute cherub pen holder, after all, the office shouldn’t be boring….


…..and have a little chalkboard sitting around the house to write love notes, your child's name on, or reminders for the day.


Red dishes aren’t just for Valentine’s day, they can be used year round or for Christmas as well.  These red plates would be a lovely background for a lighter colored plate with hints of red on white…


….like these pretty English red transferware dishes.  Aren’t they sweet?


As Martha Stewart proclaims, dishes don’t need to match.  Mix up odds and ends of stemware and cordials.  That way, your guests will have their “own” glass and won’t confuse it with someone else.  Who needs those clip on stem charms?


Speaking of ends up, fill these pretty pink glasses with a lovely sparkling wine…and cheers!  Bottoms up!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you from all of us at The Antique Warehouse!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

In The Pink




Needing some pretty pink accents for your home or table for Valentine’s Day?  We have just what you might be looking for to add that extra special touch to your decor.  Many of our pink pieces are in display cases, as are the ones shown, so if you need some help in locating the pink accents, please ask our staff for assistance.