Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elisabeth’s Doll Collections










If ever something old can take you on a trip down memory lane, it would be a toy doll or stuffed animal.  As children, most of us had a favorite stuffed toy or dolly that we took with us every where we went.  When customers walk into Elisabeth’s doll corner, there are comments that are often made about remembering such a doll or toy that are for sale inside a case, or two.


Elisabeth offers a variety of antique composition dolls, Story Book dolls, porcelain dolls, Steiff animals, and miniature doll furniture for sale.  On top of her cases are larger items – from antique doll strollers, children’s chairs and baby cribs.  She brings new items in weekly, so there is always something new to take a look at and purchase.


She also does doll restorations for customers who would like to bring back a loved piece to its original condition.  Elisabeth does amazing work and will schedule a consultation for those who would like to bring in their dolls for her to either look at for repair or give an appraisal on.  Her contact information is shown on her business card in the second photo.  There is even a private corner now in the store for Elisabeth to meet with customers and you will be surrounded by all of her amazing dolls that are offered for sale.

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