Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cool Banana Box For Sale!


This super cool and funky old Banana box is one of Tracy’s (dealer ID 0089) newest additions to his space! 

Old metal strapping along the edge, a metal handle and a rustic look makes this piece a must have for that added extra special pop of interest in your home.

It is great to hold all kinds of different things from books, rolled up blankets, magazines, beach towels, toilet paper….or just leave empty and display up on a shelf.

This unusual piece won’t last long and is priced to move at under $80.00.



  1. I have a fascination with vintage things, and that makes me want to have that banana box. I wonder how old that box is. It looks old, but still strong enough to carry heavy loads. It must be because of the quality of the metal strapping, which also contributes to the overall antique appeal of the box.

    -Carl Patten

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