Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kitty Cats and Puppy Dogs


One of my favorite things to do as a child was to go visit my Nanny at her home.  Even as a small person, I liked to walk around and look at all of my Nanny’s collectibles that she had in her home.  Though not a big collector of “stuff”, what she did collect was always interesting and carefully placed in small vignettes.  Above her sofa was a shelf and on it were two Siamese Cat figurines (of which I now take care of).  When I see figurines of animals, I always think of my Nans, as we called her.

Our store is full of such whimsical creatures…dogs, cats and other kind of animal figurines.

Below is a collection of “mans best friend” that are demure, playful, serious and cute.  There are several breeds to chose from, too.  They don’t require vet bills and certainly don’t cost anything to feed, but they do require a bit of dusting now and then.




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