Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Fluffing


With the beginning of a new season, many of us like to “freshen” up our homes (aka: Spring Clean) and bring in new treasures to help spruce up the old homestead.  There are many spring related items throughout the store, such as Easter decorations, festive vintage tablecloths for your dinner table, garden accessories and all sorts of vintage containers that would be lovely to hold a fresh flower arrangement, like the blue and white pieces below.



To bring the outdoors in, add some cute vintage floral prints to the walls and place a little wicker table by the front door with a pot full of blooming flowers.



This chicken wire cabinet would not only be adorable inside the home, but would also be perfect on a covered patio to use as a staging area to pot your plants.  Add some clay pots on the shelves and put the potting soil hidden away in the cabinets below.  This cabinet is shown in the photo above, too, on the right side.



Milk bottles aren’t only for milk…they make great flower vases, too.



If it gets too warm for you, come inside and sit in front of your vintage fan. :)

The white ladder to the right would make a nice display piece for inside or out.  It could be hung horizontally from under a patio roof to be used to hang buckets filled with flowers from. 




Our feathered friends are making their appearance in our yards and are quite happy to be plucking the bugs off of the rose bushes!  How about bringing in a bird cage and fill it with potted flowers, a little vignette of bird figurines and nests or place it outside and use it to hold candles. 



Need a pillow for your garden bench?  We have handmade burlap pillows for sale, too.  There are also other pillows throughout the shop that would be a nice addition for that comfy reading chair or hammock that will soon be getting plenty of chair time.



Till next time…..enjoy our spring weather!

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